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I'm ready to take the plunge and purchase a computer for DAW applications. I've owned many macs and currently own a macbook pro 15" aluminum.
My question is this... I'm torn between the new iMacs and jumping into a powermac. My main goals are to record my own music as well as build clients for recording. I currently run Logic studio though a presonus firestudio tube. I'm interested in using a little of pro tools as well, and I'm contemplating purchasing a 003 Rack+ so that I can live in both worlds... although Logic will always be home!

So that said... Should I jump and buy the big beast? or Should I go with the new iMac which I understand has plenty of power for my needs.

Thanks for your time and support!
Some of the reasons to consider a tower over an imac:

* Increased processing power - great for intensive CPU hungry projects.

* Ability to take advantage of more ram. Great for running stand alone versions of things like Vienna Symphonic Library or Kontakt and streaming them in to Logic.

* Ability to take advantage of multiple internal hard drives. Great for managing huge sample libraries and very audio track intensive projects.

* Use of PCI slots - great for expanding your audio I/O, or attaching multiple monitor cards, or adding processing cards like UAD or Power core

* Two optical bays - so you can have two DVD burners.

These are some of the main advantages with regards to running a DAW. You have to ask yourself how important these features are to you. Is it worth the difference in price. For most users not invoilved in using huge sample libraries or expanded PCI systems; an iMac is very suitable for day to day meat and potatoes DAW needs.
When it's time to buy I always buy the latest mid-range workstation from the Apple refurb store - works out not much more expensive than the retail iMac and has all the advantages Eli mentions. You have to budget for a display, I prefer 2! :)

What Eli said. I got a core duo 2 MBP 17" with an extra display and some drives to replace my 15" MBP core duo. At least I can used 4 gb ram. I would be happier now if I had kept the old MBP for portable needs and gotten a tower that would have more cores and more ram.
Buy the Mac Pro, I have an 8 core for my main studio and just got an iMac for my office and emergency music work, to take over from my old G5 and Macbook. If your serious about making music get the Mac Pro, you won't regret it. I do love my iMac tho, it's class, but as Eli said it's better to have the extra Ram as well as the power..
Don't forget to clone the HD so you have a working backup!