Mac Mini minimum requirement for Logic Pro


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A question, which answers that I've seen online vary greatly. What is the minimum requirement Mac Mini for running Logic Pro. Note; I will not have a ton of plug-ins, simple home studio, tracks per song approximately 12-30, not heavy use. Will the least expensive do the job?

$-8-Core CPU
10-Core GPU
8GB Unified Memory
256GB SSD Storage¹

$$-8-Core CPU
10-Core GPU
8GB Unified Memory
512GB SSD Storage¹

$$$-10-Core CPU
16-Core GPU
16GB Unified Memory
512GB SSD Storage¹

Thanks in advance!

Always a difficult one to advise on. As a rule, buying the best Mac you can afford means you will get more years use out of it. Personally I would not be comfortable with less than 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. What complicates the issue is that it is no longer possible to upgrade these vital components as used to be the case with for example the old Mac Pro up to 5.1. IMO a considerable inconvenience for a DAW user, who will typically add software to his/her system as time goes on, project sizes tend to grow etc. etc.

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I went for 32G RAM on my older Mini. I can do several hundred tracks over 100 VI tracks with effects on all channels, so it’s difficult to argue for any more unless you have very large orchestral templates. I tried out one in the store with 16G and it did quite well but large track counts with low buffers made it struggle a bit.

I made do with 256G storage, using SSDs for samples, inactive projects, etc. I have a few DAWs and a load of VIs and effects on it, and have rarely used more than 50% of that space at a time, so I don’t consider the storage to be as critical as some might.