Logic Studio apps Mac Mini monitor ideas


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Hello, with the Mac Mini specs getting a nice boost, I wanted to see what options users might have for a display for the mac mini? I would be using this in a live situation only. Not sure if using an iPad pro to view the mac mini is an option but that would be my preference. Is anyone doing anything like this that I could learn from?


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I've been using EYOYO 13" monitors from Amazon. It's a small screen but if you set to a lower resolution it's quite readable.


I have a new Mac Mini and got a basic Samsung 32" 4K UHF monitor. It's fine for my purposes, but at full res a lot of text is just too small to see. In a live situation I'd probably just get a basic HDMI monitor -- the resolution of the 4K would seem overkill in that situation. The graphics on the Mini does not warrant any sort of fast gaming monitor.