Mac OSX 10.6.5 available for download

And a little heads up I bumped into. If you happen to have Macfuse installed on your system, consider removing it before you do the update. I was in kernal panic hell yesterday for hours before finally stumbling this evening (with help from apple support) upon the common problem with all the panics being a mention of Macfuse in the reports. Removed the extension, and have had no more problems - though i suspect posting this could be dooming me to discover it's something else!

Dave Tosti-Lane
Major problems with Logic 9 since the 10.6.5 update!
My imac had not crashed once since updrading 10.5 to 10.6.4 (2 months)
However in less than an hour after 10.6.5 my machine starts to crash every hour when running logic. It's really screwed up. However I have macfuse. So shall I uninstall macfuse or should I rollback to 10.6.4?
I'd try removing Macfuse first. I've not had a single problem since removing it a couple of days ago. To do so, open your system preferences panel and then control-click on the Macfuse icon and click on the remove extension option. Then reboot, and if you're lucky that will be that.
I've been running a lot of fairly heavy apps (Vectorworks, AutoCAD Mac, Lightroom, and of course Logic Pro since removing Macfuse and haven't had any kernal panics)
Thanks I will try this and report back.
I rolled back my imac to 10.6.4 and runs super fast and no crashes.
my macbook pro is running on 10.6.5 and still crashing. so if this does not work I will roll it back also. I am surprised no one else has these problems.