Mac OSX Lion Released

I can't really find much to wish for either but to go as far as saying "please no new Logic version" is maybe to take it a little too far.
I have actually decided to try to install Lion, I post my findings:)
hope they will make Logic 10.7 ready, soon, but please no new Logic version.

Really? I am wishing, hoping, praying for a new Logic version, which would include at least some of the following:

- non-destructive pitch correction as an automation lane
- graphical indication of which parameters are already automated (as with the red dot in Live)
- MIDI editing in Arrange window
- QuickSwipe comping of MIDI takes
- - copy, paste, drag regions and parts of regions between takes
- real Track Folders (vs the current Region Folders)
- MIDI arpeggiator plugin (with built-in and possibility of custom patterns)
- option that tracks do not record enable when selected!!!
- automatic corrections for delay compensation when recording
- Auxes (busses) which can be named per project, instead of globally

I could go on and on but that's a good start.

Most importantly, a new icon and splash screen which does not have an embarrassing platinum record award graphic!

hope they will make Logic 10.7 ready, soon, but please no new Logic version.

Maybe he's referring to whole saga and outcry about Final Cut Pro X. Apple has been accused of making this new version more suitable for amateurs than professionals. The pro's have yelled and screamed about many features that were simply dropped.

I'd certainly be unhappy if a new version of Logic was released that was a kind of "Garageband Pro" which lost lots of current Logic features.

As for installing Lion - no ways ..... until all my major plugins are certified good to go in Lion. It may also be a good idea to keep a Snow Leopard partition in order to run Rosetta apps for quite a while, until manufacturers wake up and release compatible versions.
Logic Pro/Express 9.1.4 and MainStage 2.1.3 are Lion compatible. Older versions are NOT!

That is a very significant, important piece of information, many thanks! It also would mean, anyone wanting to access very old (pre Logic 5) logic arrangements needs to keep a computer (or at least a partition) running SL or older with Logic 5, 6 or 7 available.

kind regards

I took the jump and installed it. I have just finished a major project and is starting a new one on tuesday. I figured that otherwise I could be caught on SL for 6 months or so.
Sonnox eq and compressor, Speakerphone 2, PSP MasterQ and Pitch'n Time all don't validate but they work anyway.
UAD2 control panel tells me that I don't have administrator rights and the library under my profile has disappeared but it must be somewhere because Logic sees the stuff that is placed there:)
No crashes today after spending 5-6 hours with Lion and Logic editing and mixing a video so I'm a bit relieved
It would appear that some folders which were visible in previous versions of OSX are hidden in Lion. This includes the library. This is discussed here, with a solution:

By default, the ~/Library folder is hidden in Lion. This is a big problem to many of the readers of this site, as many hints involve this folder (especially any involving hidden preferences).

You can easily un-hide this folder for easy access. Simply run the following command in Terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

If, for some reason, you want to re-hide it, you can run the same command using 'hidden' instead of 'nohidden'.

You can actually use this command to hide or unhide any folder. Just put it's path in place of ~/Library.

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That is true and it works. I also found out about that last night. Library is no visible again. I do wonder why they hid it in the first place.
Without being completely sure it does seem like this update works pretty much as it should. Like explained earlier there are plugins that don't validate but they do work, also UAD2 in spite of their warning on their website (which I hadn't seen, otherwise I wouldn't have updated).
I have spend 10 hours or so with Lion/Logic 9.14 now and I haven't noticed any problems concerning Logic.
There are plenty of new stuff in Lion like a checkbox that is crossed by default which makes the scroll wheel go the opposite way as it usually does, the user library folder is hidden and stuff like that but that's always the case with a system upgrade.
I heard that the old duet, doesn't work so do some homework if you have one.
Along with some other hardware.
This is hear say as some others will certainly chime in if it's true or untrue.
OK now I have spent 3 full days in the studio with Lion and I have found no serious bugs. Actually 3rdware, validated or not, all work as usual but Logic itself has a few quirks. The only really annoying one is that you can't vertically move anything in arrange past a take folder. They all end in the folder and then you have to move them from there. Of course you can just put the take folder in the bottom and the problem is solved but that is still not like it should be.
For the first time since about OS8, I can't see any reason at all to upgrade. Nothing in Lion seems to have any impact on improving audio. To me it appears that they are moving back to the bad old days of 'system bloat'...

correct me if I'm way off the mark.
For the first time since about OS8, I can't see any reason at all to upgrade. Nothing in Lion seems to have any impact on improving audio. To me it appears that they are moving back to the bad old days of 'system bloat'...

correct me if I'm way off the mark.

Well, I've got an (ancient :rolleyes:) MacPro 2009 Dual Core and everything works really well here at OSX.6.8.
I agree with you that there's really nothing making me want upgrade my present system (with all software and 3rd party plug-ins,) just to be cutting edge. (I can't actually name one thing about the new OS that really impressed me other than some of the Networking features that Apple actually improved.)
The thing that will necessitate me purchasing a new Mac with Lion (OR the next-big-OS,) would be that it can easily do 64bit processing with ANY CPU intensive program.
To me that would justify upgrading. And I would only upgrade with a machine that was designed for that OS.
(I say that because in my experience, any Mac that takes the leap to the next OS never really works as well as the newer model...) That's how they "getcha!" ;)
Does anyone know if there is some kind of boost in performance if one is running Logic in Lion? This is assuming one's plugins and hardware is all compatible (6 months to a year from now...).