Mac PPC users show of numbers...


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Hello everyone,

I'm curious to know how many people are still using PPC macs as either slaves or as their primary system. This question stems out of my shock that VSL is already dropping PPC support; VSL Suite reverb will be Intel only.

Now I understand that technology changes and old platforms become obsolete (there will be no PPC support in the next Mac OS for example), and we all eventually upgrade our main systems. But when I do go intel, I was planning on using my PPC G5 as a VSL slave in conjunction with Vienna Ensemble & Vienna Suite. This "intel only" approach may force me to rethink my VSL studio, as it seems silly to be forced to throw out a perfectly good slave PPC computer completely maxed out with RAM, addition HD's, etc and purchase new intel macs in order to run Vienna Suite on a slave.

VSL Suite's reverb being Intel only obviously sets a bad precedent for future development/updates on the PPC platform. IMO the ability to use VSL on a PPC slave is a VERY good reason to continue its development. If you agree with me, please let your voice be heard on this thread at the VSL forums:

Thank you very much for reading my plea. :)


Dual G5 867 here...

That there is a G4 sir! That isn't a G5...

G5s are gettin' old folks. There is simply no way to support them with some of the new software that require pure processor grunt that the 5 year old G5s simply do not have.

I too intended to use my ol' G5 as a slave when I upgraded to a Jan 2008 8 Core mac...... Very quickly, I discovered it to be a complete waste of effort and power.... I retired it and a couple of Windows PCs and a MacMini Node.
Ya just don't need them.



G4 PowerBook here that I would like to hang on to but the Computer Gods frown on that sort of thinking...
I will probably follow the masses & get a MacBook Pro this year...

And begin the annoying task of transferring ALL my plugs to the new computer... Ugh...

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Logic 8 release killed my G5, just way to slow to work it, but the 8 core Mac Pro is the best I have had, never runs out of power ! and thats running massive tracks...


Still running a dual 2GHz G5 here (4GB RAM) with Logic 8.0.2 and Tiger 10.4.11. Runs like a top and is great for my needs. I've been experimenting a bit with two UAD-1 cards I bought from a friend, and that seems to work well, too. Also, my weekend project is hooking up my other G5 (dual 1.8) and my MacBook Pro as nodes just to see what havoc I can wreak.

Would love to upgrade to a Mac Pro but can't justify the cost at the moment. Just finished a 40 track project (mostly audio but a few VIs), and it came out great.



I run Logic 7.1.1 on a 2004 dual 1.8 G5, 1.25 gig ram, os 10.4.11. This is a very stable and happy setup and the way I see the future is - only when this computer fails to the extent that it is worth replacing will I simultaneously purchase a new intel desktop mac and Logic 8.


Still dual 2.3 G5 here...I wanted to go for the lower spec Nehalem, but decided to wait for the next round after I found out about the 8GB RAM limitation!

However, I am getting my share of "overloads" in Logic when using virtual instruments....


One possible consideration which may or may affect upgrade decisions:

There apparently is still no definite word on whether the next Mac OS update (due this summer) will support PowerPC or be Intel-only. That would be Snow Leopard.



Just gave up on my unfixable (thanks Apple!) fatally compromised mid 2004 PCIX G5 PowerMac with an ATI Radeon 9600 XT graphics card that would crash 3-4 times every day and bought the new 3.06 MHz iMac - so I'm Intel from now on. Will probably get an 8 core MacPro a bit later if I need it. I say, banish the Power Mac.



Well, the PowerMac has served me well...but it's definitely straining to keep up with my usage of rather massive and demanding virtual instruments...which I don't like to bounce (or even freeze) until rather late in the production process.

Recently having quite a lot of overload messages from Logic. So I am tempted to get one of the older Mac Pros (without the problematic RAM limitation of the less expensive Nehalem model). We'll see.



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I'm still using a Dual G5 (1.8ghz) that keeps rockin' along. Every time I think I need something new or fancy, I look at my checkbook and get back to work on the same ol' computer. It's certainly not slow -- in fact, it feels like it's running at the same speed it always has.


Here I'm working best on a 1.8 dual G5 and Logic 8.0.2 - only rendering with FCE increases my desire to Intel MacPros, but my actual balance brings me back to the floor ... ;)


Logician here...Im still on my 2.5 G5..use it every day, beat the crap out of it, n its been a pretty stable platform...but I find, as with many users, that Im using more plugs than ever, well, u can only use so many on this setup, and I also find that certain plugs, PLAY being 1, that she huff n puff pretty good...Oh, and I still run 7.2.3...I dont think I'll do 8 until I figure which intelmac to get....Ive heard that the Nehalem's dont get along well with issue with utilizing all 8 cores? Ive only heard this aka read it on other forums...a few users problems arent always other users the newer plugs all seem to want to work better on the newer macs...we're all going to have to do it...sooner or the long and tedious research begins...