Mac Pro 4.1 2xQuad Core with El Capitan and Logic 10.3.0 - How many tracks?


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Dear Sir's,

i haven't post here since years, i believe. But since i had recently updated my Mac for several reasons from OSX 10.8.5 with Logic 9.1.8 to the actual Version, i am not able to play ANY Track. ANY!!

CPU/HUD shows that the CPU for the live instance drives crazy, and the Audio is crackled and pops ever.
Even the Demo-songs from Logic, not one of them is fluid. Nothing works...

Mac Pro 4.1 2 x 2,26Ghz Intel Xeon Quad-Core with 28 GB RAM
OSX 10.11.6
Logic 10.3.0
Main Harddrive WD 640GB 7200RPM 60% used 40% free
Samples on other SATA SSD Drives with read and write performance greater than 200 MB/s

1,5 years ago i had made my last template with 127 tracks with Kontakt 5.3 or so, Play, and Vienna Inrstruments pro, on 4 VE Ensemble Pro sets,....
And with the todays upgrade not one is possible?

What i had done so far:
Using Logic since it was Emagic
I had messed out my Main Hard drive so that it has now 40% free.
I had played with ALL of the necessary settings, I/o Buffer, Buffer, number of cores, etc...
I had re-installed the OSX from disc
What i absolutely NOT WANT is a clean install, because there are soooo many other things going on.
It would be such a pain, to re-install all this from backup.

How many instances of Kontakt 5.6.5 are you able to play with it?

The last 1,5 years i had done nothing with music, but now i want to going on again, but these update was a mess....anyone to help me?

best regards