Hello .. sorry for the caps .. but our studio has been going thru hell trying to figure out how to get the multitrack recording tracks from Logic 8 back out the Presonus V-Fire R-BUS into our Roland VM-3100. Core Audio only allows either the V-Fire or the Built In Audio for input and output at the same time. Neither "Sound Output" controls of Presonus V-Fire or Line Out in the Mac OS X System Preferences effect it either.

So: Can record .. but cannot playback tracks to overdub / punch / at same time thru Roland VM-3100

The two sentences in the V-Fire PDF Manual do not help at all:
"Input to VM Series: The Multi In channels receive digital audio signals from the V-Fire's R-Bus outputs. Press the MULTI IN CH1-24 button, verify that each appropriate channel is On and not muted, then raise the appropriate Multi In channel faders to monitor the incoming audio signals."

We have followed these directions from Presonus and Roland ... it seems the weakest link is the info regarding outputting from logic.

Has anyone got the key to this?

Thanks .. I promise anyone who can help solve this will be rewarded !!!

If YOU are the one who knows .. email me and I'll send you my phone number so you don't have to type it out ... and I'm a quick learner .. plus if you have any Roland questions .. maybe I can help u.

Mac OS X 10.4.11 Dual 2.7 GHZ Power PC 2 GB RAM Logic 8 connected to Presonus V-Fire Firewire external R-BUS interface to a Roland VM-7100 series processor. Works great for recording .. cannot overdub
Hi, did you ever get a reply or solution to this problem??

I am currently having a similar problem, I can get multi-track audio from my Roland VSR-880 INTO Logic, but I cannot get multitrack audio OUT of Logic thru the ViFire and into the VSR!!

Any ideas you have welcome!
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Pharther Phurther says he is working with 10.4.11,if Barnaby is in 10.8 then he should search the Apple site for the help article that warns us NOT to try using Roland or M-Audio hardware with 10.8,if that's not the case I can't think of anything else,good luck getting this solved.
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Thanks for replying, no I am using Logic Express 7, ie software and hardware all contemporary with the era of the V-Fire! PowerPC G5 running 10.3.9.
I guess I'll crack it eventually!
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No problem,glad to hear you are in 10.3 I guess you will discover the quirks while moving up OSX versions,be sure before doing one to lurk on the Apple Logic forum,lots of troubles if one can believe the posters. A google search would possibly be even more productive.
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