MacBook Pro 15" Feb 13 or Oct 13?


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Hello Everyone,
I have a question about which model MacBook Pro to choose. I recently took delivery of a 15" MacBook Pro (Feb '13) 2.4Ghz, 8gig RAM 256HD. I bought this model refurbished and it's beautiful... By chance my father (who has poor vision) liked it so much, scaled retina large text and backlit keys... he wants one as well.
So I decided to go for the 16gig Ram model and he can have this one.
I looked at the Oct '13 version with the 750m with faster flash drive, thunderbolt 2 and newer chip. It's not much more at this point.
Should I go for a Feb '13 model with 2.7Ghz, 16gigs RAM and 512 HD? or spend a little more and hold out for a refurbished 2.3 Ghz Oct model with 750m?
Most of the speed test show improvement in the later model '13.
I play a Chapman Stick (12 string) with a GK-3 pickup on the lead 6 strings. Roland GR-55 guitar synth. I've been able to played the 12 strings summed into the COSM of GR-55 and mix with light synth pad into logic as well as control software instruments at the same time from my Stick inside logic. Very cool. I don't want my system to hold me back once I really figure out what i am doing!
Thanks for any advice or thoughts.


Both machines are capable, just have to get best configuration you can afford.

If you want more upgradeable system look for a non retina model they are close in performance.