Mackie Control C4 -"Waiting for Midi Upgrade...CSCON LOADER"?

Sorry, I didn't know where to post this as I couldn't find a hardware control forum.


I have a Mackie Control C4 which was running fine up until recently. One day I went to use it and I got this message on the screen:

"Waiting for Midi Upgrade......CSCON LOADER Version 1.32"

(see attached pictures)

I contacted Mackie (Who were surprisingly friendly about dealing with an obsolete piece) but they said (through several emails) that it was probably an Eprom chip issue. I asked if they had any and I was told that they have nothing left for the C4. It was suggested that I find a used one if I really wanted one.

Has anyone else run into this issue? what was your solution? How can I revert it to a default setting? I can't find any MIDI software updates for it and there was no original software disk.

Any help would be appreciated,



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Bringing this thread back from the dead since my issue still hasn't been resolved.

I'm wondering if any one has the Mackie Control C4 sysex update file? it would be about 14 years old now but, if your' like me you might have it sitting on an old historical HD.

Much appreciated.


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I have no idea if this will be of help - and hasten to add, "use at your own risk". Obviously I can't give any sort of guarantee as to whether they will solve your issue, (or cause further problems), but I did indeed find some older Mackie related files. See attached.

kind regards



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Hey Markdvc.

This is awesome. Thanks so much. I checked out the "read me" and I think this is for the main Logic/Mackie Control unit i.e. transport with 8 faders...but I have one of those too so this is great.

I'll post the same request over at Gearspace and see if pops up.

As an FYI for others with Mackie/Logic controller issues, these videos might be of help.

Mackie Control Pro LCD backlight repair, fader replacement and version 4 firmware update

Fader calibration failed because capacitors need to be replaced: