Logic Pro 9 Mackie Control glitching external synth


Mackie Control glitching external synth

Hi all,

I'm having a problem where when I move or automate the fader on my Mackie Universal Control to send volume automation over midi to a Nord Modular G1 it causes random pitch jumps and glitches in the Nord program eventually causing stuck notes.

I'm using a Mackie Universal Control HUI (grey, midi only, not USB) running OS version 2.1.2 with Logic Pro 9.1.6. The Nord's midi I/O is through a Emagic MT4 and the Mackie Universal Control is hooked up to the midi I/O of a MOTU Ultralite 3.

Any help is greatly appreciated as this makes it impossible to sequence mixes with the Nord.

I'm pretty sure this is due to the fact that Mackie Control Universal's (MCU) faders send pitch bend data to achieve than midi resolution. This data is somehow getting through to your Nord and causing the problems you speak of.

Are you using the MCU in HUI mode or Mackie Control Mode? If you want it to be a control surface for logic then Mackie Control Mode is best.

If you want it to be a Logic recognised control surface AND use it as a MIDI controller then your best to get a little virtual Mackie control emulator program called LC Xmu - www.opuslocus.com. It sits between your real MCU and Logic and emulates a MCU that Logic recognises and then it allows you to route each controller on the MCU to either be a control surface control or an actual midi controller.

Hope that makes sense.
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I think that you just nailed it, I'll make sure that it's booting into Mackie Control Mode when I get home from work today. I just bought it so am in the middle of (a very fun!) learning curve.

Thank you!!! :)
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When I came home a restarted the Mackie Control and made sure that I had Mackie Control Mode selected, found that I was still having the same problem in both Mackie Control Mode and Logic control mode. After a little head scratching I went into the environment and deleted the port on the MT4 that was sending/receiving the PC In/Out midi connection that's used for the Nord Mod editor to communicate with it. That seems to have solved the problem.

A question if you don't mind. You say that Mackie Control Mode is the best choice for controlling Logic, why is it better than Logic mode?
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