Mackie Control Wish


I realize that the MCU and other similar control surfaces are meant to be used in real time - that's really the whole point of them. But I wish there was a way to use them to create automation nodes while the transport is stopped. Basically, snap shot automation. Here's what I'd like to be able to do:

* Locate the playhead to a position where I'd like to create some automation.

* Press a button on the MCU to have it create a node there.

* Move the fader up/down to position the node.

And there are more nuances I could go into (selecting two nodes at a time, etc) - but basically this is the foundation of what I'd like to see possible.

Anyone have any thoughts on doing some sort of snapshot style automation in Logic?
The only way to do it is to set a very short cycle, play, and automate. Not good, not fun. I've been wishing for various flavours of automation snapshot while stopped for years now ... last-touched parameter, entire plugin, entire channel, entire mixer, multichannel vol/pan, etc.


In the old days, Logic used to have a "send fader values" and/or send selected faders values command in the Environment which allowed for a kind of poor man version of snapshot automation. I remember setting up those A-Playback and B-Playback channel splitters routed to audio objects each assigned to different midi channels, and using that send fader command to print a kind of snapshot automation on those splitter tracks. It wasn't particularly elegant, but worked. And that was pre control surface days....
This is a great suggestion. I suggested something similar elsewhere on the list which I need even more because I don't have a control interface, namely a key command to create a node at the SPL (song position line). I DESPERATELY need this. But you make a good point about functionality that I also need: two nodes, one at the original position and a 2nd one at the new position that automation must jump to. I'm not sure Logic currently supports to nodes at the same exact position, but I'll gladly except them being a nanosecond apart. The point is, I need this functionality too, but I need it in key commands, so I would like to see both: key commands and control surface support for this idea. It's a brilliant suggestion!