Logic Pro 8 Mackie Control - Working well.

Mackie Control - Working well?


How well are Mackie Control Universals +extenders working with Logic Pro 8 at the moment? Any issues/bugs? I know there were issues when LP8 was first released but how are things now?



Works great here. I have a Mackie Control Universal - not the new "Pro" version that runs via USB; but the older generation right before the current one that still used MIDI.
i have the "pro" version with 2 extenders....it runs okay. frankly, i think a firmware update from Mackie is LONG overdue for this product. i often have to turn the power on/off to get it to display properly. or sometimes i have to open the Audio/MIDI setup utility and fiddle around there. when it's properly recognized by Logic, it does what it's supposed to do well. nothing great...nothing bad.

ps...as a side note, the pro version uses this sort of black ink to mark each channel strip with and also uses it for basic aesthetic design elements of the controller....this black ink rubs off with no effort. so if you rest your hand on the board while making volume moves for example, any moisture from your hand starts rubbing off the ink and it gets quite messy looking. very CHEAP design IMO! i use to own the original Logic control and there was never this type of thing. i'm sure neither with the MCU.
Can Mackie Control Pro or C4 Pro control Logic's internal software instruments and effects without problems?

What are the weakest points of the Control Pro and C4 Pro controllers in Logic 8/9 use?


Can Mackie Control Pro or C4 Pro control Logic's internal software instruments and effects without problems?

What are the weakest points of the Control Pro and C4 Pro controllers in Logic 8/9 use?
The MCU can control Logic's instruments and effects easily. The only slight drag is having to press the mode buttons and scroll through the pages to get to the specific parameters you want to access. There's nothing wrong with the implementation. It's just inherently got to be that way by virtue of the fact that there is access to so many different areas of the program with limited knobs and sliders. It's like this on any of these "eight sliders and knobs" class of control surfaces.

Like anything, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. I find that personally I still have to "think" too much to really be able to fly around the interface quickly.
I successfully updated my original Mackie Control from 1.0 to 1.02. It took a couple of tries but I followed the text file instructions. I believe I had to do a Preferences>Control Surfaces>Rebuild Defaults. I had also gone into Prefs>Control Surfaces>Setup, selected and deleted the Mackie Control, then re-scanned and added it again. All that may have been unnecessary because Logic and the MC were communicating the whole time, but not functionally as I expected.

I think the key thing that made it work for me was to create a new external midi track and in the inspector, in the second section under "GM Device 1", the "Port" field had to be changed from the default "All" to select "Mackie Control", which then showed up in the Port field as "MIDI Port". Then I just played back the MIDI file and the dots did the dance, and it worked.

All that said, the Mackie Control is now updated and does control Logic 9, but I still can't figure out a lot of what's going on. (I have audio and MIDI going through a MOTU 828mk2 to my MBP which all seems fine). For example, if I have 1 - n number of audio tracks, if the first track is muted, no matter whether or which other tracks are also muted or which one is selected, the Mackie PLAY button un-mutes the 1st track (and only the 1st track) as it begins playback. I tried deleting the "Mute off for all" Global Mackie Control commands which didn't change the behavior.

Also, the Apple Logic Pro 9 Control Surfaces help refers to, e.g., a Save button which is not on the control and makes me wonder if the Logic Lexan overlay from Mackie is required? (The original overlay I got with the Mackie is for Steinberg's Nuendo).

Hope that helps.
I live in Ireland and cannot get the Steinberg Cubase Overlay (i use Cubase 6) also cannot purchase the overlay as tthe only suppliers are USA based and dont ship to Europe. Would you be willing to swap overlays as I have all the overlays except the one i need.. Cubase. I would even off to purchase the overlay from you ?? thanks
@Lop3z23: I haven't been to this forum since my last post, four years ago. My consuming interest shifted to iOS software development, away from music/recording. It took a bit of digging around, but I found the overlay; it's in good shape, and I'd be very happy for you to have it. Email me your postal information to seeker12 *at" networlds -c0m, and I'll send it.
Just checking in to say that I use the original mackie control, 2 extenders and a C4 and it does exactly what it claims to do. Very stable.

I updated mackie control to firmware 2.12 a long time ago and also one xt. The other was an original logic one so I got mackie to ship me the new EPROM so I could get it up to 2.12 as well as I was looking for hui support to run protools as well.

Sadly the EPROM seems faulty as after I installed it two faders half stopped working. As the firmware update actually worked I thought the faders had just died but when I went back to the old EPROM they started to work again. I'm in the process of send back the EPROM to mackie as I type.

I thought some might want to know this

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