Logic Pro 9 Mackie Control XT DOA in Logic 9


I currently am using a Mackie Control and an XT in my setup. The Control is working fine - however the XT (while it shows in the Control Surfaces Setup Window) doesn't seem to want to be recognized by logic. Sometimes it will load up just fine whilr other times, it remains dormant, and then sometimes... it will just decide to say hello - and work OK. (*until the computer goes to sleep) and then it disappears again when I wake the computer.)

I trashed the control surfaces preference file, no go,
I've checked MIDI cabling, A.o.k. there as well
I've reinstalled the latest MOTU MIDI drivers for MTP A/V

Any ideas or know issues....
FYI - both my Mackie COntrol and XT are the latest firmware, and they are both booted in Logic control mode. These are not the new silver units, but the fark gray (purchased in between 2005-2007
I actually own 2 XT's (*but one has been in the shop waiting for Mackie parts since December)

any others experiencin this behavior...?


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I see the same thing when using lots of midi inputs (I have AIC going, a few MOL channels, a couple of synths, Nocturn, Faderport, Yamaha controller, Line 6 device, and Digi M-Box Pro).

The OS seems to sometimes "loose" one of my interfaces, and I get the same thing. Make sure your USB hub is powered properly, and that all your cables are good. Hook as many devices as you can directly to the computer (I put my iloks and syncrosoft dongles on a simple hub, and almost everything else on the computer or a really good Belkein hub I've had for a couple of years. No more issues any more. Until I revised the order and placement I saw these exact same issues.

George Leger III
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