Logic Pro (X) Mackie MCU template for Logic Pro X


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I just bought a good shape Mackie MCU Pro control surface on EBay. Mackie makes plastic template overlays for the MCU Pro to show how the controls relate to the various DAWs the unit can be used to control. However, I did not get one for Logic, and Mackie tells me they no longer make one for Logic. Anyone have any suggestions about where I can find a template that will work for Logic Pro X (or an older version, if the control setup would be the same)? I'm willing to pay for one. Thanks.
The original name of the Mackie Control Universal was Emagic Logic Control and the labeling printed on the device is (surprise!) for Logic.
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Peter, thanks. I knew the Mackie unit was originally created for Logic control, so I wondered if that was true. Thanks for confirming.
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