Logic Pro 9 Mackie Onyx-i daisy chained - not routing sound through Logic


Hi - hope you're good.
I've recently traded in my old macbook pro for a new generation and, since I no longer have the 400 firewire port, am daisy chaining my Mackie 1220i Onyx into my external hard-drive's (LaCie) 400 port, and then the hard-rive into the macbook pro's 800 firewire port. This is a first for me.

I can see the sound card options in my Audio Midi set up and have selected both the input and output routing for the Onyx. If I play a wave file, say through Quick time, the signal is routed through the Mackie. Yay. If I play audio through Logic, the signal comes through my workbook's speakers. Boo. The audio preferences in Logic show the Onyx as the input and output routing, with appropriate latency measurements. The sound function buttons (F10-F12) are disabled, again indicating that the Onyx is the routed sound. So....I know my machine is routing to the Mackie...but just not through Logic. I've got to be missing something here. Any suggestions?

Hi-I'm fine thanks. I had a problem with the logic output not going trough my external EdirolUA-25 and back into Logic-also the system sounds where silent some times. On the Apple forum I found a user with a similar problem and he said trashing the com.apple.audio.AudioMIDISetup.plist and the
com.apple.audio.AggregateDevices.plist would help and it did solve my Aggregate DEvice problem of not storing it's preferences. I am a rookie too so I can't promise this will help. You could ask ,or better do a search in the Apple forums via googling the terms used,this often leads to answers that where not seen just searching the 10.6 forum-which you could also ask about the bugs in the AMS.
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Hi there,

If that doesn't help, what mac os were you on before you got your new mac? I ask because there are unfortunately a whole bunch of users with Mackie Onyx systems that were essentially rendered either useless, or greatly impaired when Mackie never came up with a driver or a fix for mac os above 10.4.9 or so. Disappearing devices, weird playback issues, etc. have been the complaints, and in fairness, sometimes the devices work fine. Mine worked fine with an update to 10.6 bypassing 10.5. Mackie, unfortunately for their users has not responded to nor resolved this issue to my knowledge, making MANY mackie onyx users very unhappy. Hopefully this is not you.

Here's a link to a previous post on this forum discussing this:

Also on mackie's forum:

Best wishes for a relatively easy fix for you.
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Thanks for the input. Finally got this sorted. I'm running 10.6, so needed to upgrade the firmware to the Mackie (they have the installer on their site), as well as upgrade Logic to the latest version. Snap.

Thanks for the thoughtful comments.
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