Logic Pro 8 Maddening WAV/MP3 conversion "oops"

I'm still using Logic 8 and loving it. My issue: I have completed several pieces and saved them as both WAV and MP3 files. The MP3s sound great, but when I drag a WAV into one single Project track of its own for level matching and minor EQing across the various "cuts" of my album, that track plays in MONO. Shouldn't it play back in stereo as recorded? Argh. I really need a STEREO WAV file for uploading, so that the host site can down-convert them to MP3 form with no compression-type losses or artifacts. I could just send my MP3s, but naturally I want to give things every chance of being as full-bandwidth as possible on the other end.

I feel sure the solution is staring me in the face, but I'm boggled. How do I get those tracks to play in STEREO? Thanks!! :brkwl::tongue:


You haven't identified wether the problem is with the actual file being in mono, or if it's just a playback issue, where it is a stereo file, but is playing back in mono.

If it is in fact a stereo file, you are probably just dragging it onto a mono track. Make sure you are usign a stereo track routed to a stereo output, with no mon plug-ins anywhere in the chain.

If it is in fact a mono track, you need to look at how you are rendering your final mixes. Are you bouncing them down from a stereo output?

If you aren't sure which scenario applies to you, do one of two things.
1. Look at the file in the Audio Bin and see if the icon indicates a single circle, or a pair of interlinked circles after the name. If a single circle, it is a mono file, if interlinked, it is interleaved stereo.

2. Open the file in the Sample Edit window and see if there are in fact dual audio waveforms being displayed, or if only one.
Eureka, it WAS operator error

Eli, thank you. That was the ONE basic thing I had not had to consider in so long, I just plain booted it. Imagine me slapping my forehead like Homer Simpson and going "D'OH!" I can modify the string and materials for SCULPTURE and make it fly happily, but I simply spaced out on those two little circles. I needed the refresher! Everything fell right into place. Thanks again. :thmbup:


Glad to be able help. Now, about those string and material parameters in Sculpture .... :D
Drink in a few of the tutorials available here and the lights will start coming on. Aside from the vector functions, the rest is not really so alien. You just have to think laterally in a couple of directions. I've become a major ESX24 adherent (kudos to Autosampler), but Sculpture still beats any other PM synth I have seen.




There is also a sweet patch set to be found here:


I've bought several things here and they're potent.
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