Logic Pro 9 Made my own Library: How to delete unused Apple Loops?


Dear people of Logic Users Group,

I made my own Apple Loops Library in the last days.
Marked all my favourites in the Loop Browser.

How to delete all unused Apple Loops and Samples?
It would be great to get a nice answer because so I could save a lot of harddisc space.

Is it possible to export a favourites list or something like that?

Greetings from Germany and thanks in advance.

Its allot more complex than that.
You would need to remove all your index files (except for the ones made by your new loops) then find and empty all your apple loops folders. Don't delete them, or Logic Pro might not update properly next time.

It sounds like it would be not too hard, but warning: if you delete or remove the incorrect files, you could loose your loops, loose all your favorites info, etc, or mess Logic up in a big way...

I would only recommend this if you are very short on drive space. If you did a standard install (without the music files) it's not really that much data.

George Leger III
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