So the next generation of MacPros are right around the corner and this time I will have to go for it. Coming from a G5 everything will have to be changed except possibly for the lightpipe converters.
I am considering moving towards MADI and have always had very good experiences with RME stuff. What I wonder is if anybody has any personal experiences with the new RME MADI converters and the MADI soundcard, or maybe RME Raydat with the QS series, or both....
The QS converters boast that the have very fast internal conversion which as far as I know is only facing competition from Apogee. I am not talking about the sound here (I think everything sounds so great these days that it's beyond my ears to judge) but speed and thereby lower latency.
I can't find anything on the new M series about their internal conversion speed so I'm guessing that these figures are less impressive than their lightpipe family.....or what.
I need at least 24 I/O so I'm not interested in cards with less than that. I will not be buying 24 I/O converters but intend to keep 8 of the ones I already have. I know there is a conversion difference so I will have to find the amount of samples and nudge everything recorded through the old converters a few samples. That's not a big issue since I rarely use more than 16 tracks at the time but every 6 months or so I have a band that wants to record everything live and with alternate mics on everything.
My budget is fairly big but the RME pricetag is the limit so I can't see that there's much competition whatsoever.