Logic Studio apps MainStage 2.1.1 released


This update delivers improved compatibility and numerous fixes.

Issues addressed in MainStage 2.1.1 include:

  • Improved stability of the 32-Bit Audio Unit Bridge
  • Fixed problems that caused audible artifacts when using the Playback or Loopback plug-ins


MainStage 2.1.1 Update
This update improves overall performance and provides numerous fixes. This update is recommended for all users of MainStage 2. Issues addressed include but are not limited to:

64-bit Mode Issues

  • It is now possible to run FXPansion's BFD2 plug-in in the 32-bit Audio Unit Bridge.
  • Fixes several issues with the graphical user interface and controls of third party Audio Units running in the 32-bit Audio Unit Bridge.

Stability Issues
  • In 64-bit mode, a 32-bit Audio Unit plug-in quitting unexpectedly no longer causes MainStage to also quit unexpectedly.
  • Working with multiple concerts with open plug-in windows no longer causes MainStage to sometimes quit unexpectedly.
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly if a Patch increment button is assigned to a sustain pedal, and MainStage is switched from Layout mode to Edit mode while receiving continuous sustain messages.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause MainStage to quit unexpectedly when removing or changing  an audio device.

General Issues
  • Resolves an issue that could cause loss of audio output when "Display audio engine overload" messages were enabled.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause an unexpected sound when rapidly switching patches in a concert that contains more than one multi-output Ultrabeat instance.
  • Duplicate MIDI events no longer sometimes lead to stuck notes.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause MainStage to stop responding when simultaneously adjusting parameters for multiple controls.
  • Resolves an issue where MainStage could stop responding when opening an auto-saved copy of an already open concert.
  • Sustain pedal events with values between 1-126 no longer cause multiple triggering of mapped actions.
  • Switching out of Layout mode while sending a note to a drum pad screen control no longer results in stuck notes.
  • Drum pads now correctly display all parameter values.
  • "Do not pass through" now works as expected with screen controls set to send to a specific MIDI destination.
  • The Keyboard window now sends MIDI notes with velocity values of 100, as expected.
  • The Layer Editor for external MIDI instruments is available again.
  • Resolves an issue in which there could sometimes be audio "pops" when auditioning patches while notes are sustaining.
  • Keyboard assignments are now reliably maintained for non-auto assigned keyboards when opening concerts created in MainStage 1.x.
  • The right arrow for setting the high range in the Parameter Graph for mapped knobs now works as expected.
  • The screen no longer flashes if a second concert is opened while a plug-in window is open, and Do Not Close is chosen for the original concert.
  • Resolves an issue introduced in MainStage 2.1 that could lead to an accidental overlap of split points.
  • Resolves an issue in which the left side key range of a split made no sound in some rare cases.
  • MIDI note-off events are no longer handled as MIDI note-on events with a velocity of 0.
  • Velocity scaling is now correctly performed with drum pads.
  • The workspace aspect ratio now immediately updates to follow changes to the Layout mode aspect ratio.
  • Using pitch bend on the Musical Typing Keyboard no longer causes a constant stream of erroneous pitch bend messages to be sent.
  • The vertical scroll bar controls in the Template Chooser grid view now remain fully functional at all zoom levels.
  • The items in the Help menu now remain available when the Template Chooser is open.
  • If the preference for Silence Previous Patch is set to "Immediately," MainStage no longer plays back unexpected segments of audio when switching away from and then back to a Software Instrument patch that has a plug-in with a long decay.

Screen Controls
  • Pickup mode no longer behaves like Jump mode when assigning a hardware control that is at a higher initial value than selected screen control.
  • Waveform screen control mappings are now reliably maintained when the sample rate is changed.
  • The Screen Control Inspector now properly shows the status of the Mod Wheel control when reselecting it after it has been set to Block, and then another screen control has been selected. 
  • Meter screen controls now follow changes to channel strips that change between mono/stereo.

Parameter Mapping
  • Number keys mapped to commands now reliably trigger the commands instead of patch changes in Edit mode and Performance mode.
  • The Current Set action now reliably recalls a specific set when the min and max ranges are set to the same set name.
  • The Current Patch action now works reliably when the Invert checkbox is selected.
  • Range settings are reliably maintained for the Current Patch Number action.
  • The Range pop-up for Current Patch Number mappings no longer show duplicate values.
  • Undo after changing a mapping and then deleting a pedal from the Pedalboard now works as expected.
  • Mappings of alias patches are now handled correctly when a plug-in on the parent patch is changed.

Playback Plug-in
  • Resolves a rare issue where the Play button on the Loopback and Playback plug-in could remain lit with playback stopped.
  • Resolves an issue that prevented a file that had been loaded and then removed in the Playback plug-in from being loaded again.
  • If files containing tempo changes are imported into Playback, the following warning only appears once per session: "File contains tempo changes. One or more of the files you are importing contains tempo change markers. This version of MainStage does not support importing files with tempo changes."

Loopback Plug-in
  • The Position field in the Loopback GUI now reliably displays all positions at all loop lengths.
  • After using Undo to remove previous recordings in the Loopback plug-in, recording a loop that crosses the cycle point no longer removes a portion of the loop. 
  • Using Undo to remove a take in the Loopback plug-in no longer removes crossfades at the cycle point.
  • In the Loopback plug-in, Fade-out now works properly when applied to an overdub performed over reversed material.
  • Resolves an issue in which enabling Reset to Saved could lead to recording in Loopback starting automatically when a concert was opened.
  • Resolves an issue in the Loopback plug-in where immediately triggering a Software instrument after going into record could cause an unexpected sound.