Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2.1.2 - Problem triggering loops via Playback


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Hey there all,

I'm currently trying to build a Mainstage concert to (hopefully) replace an Ableton Live set. As I mainly play keys in my band, I'd love to be able to use some of the Logic Rhodes and Hammond sounds :)

However, I do also trigger a few loops here and there throughout the set.

I've messed around with Playback, and been able to import a WAV file with tempo information from Logic (say at 120bpm), and then I've created two markers. The first section loops fine, however when I go to the second marker it gets to the end of the first repeat and then all audio cuts out for around half a second before repeating.

I've tried messing around for ages, and around now I'm getting quite frustrated!

Has anyone here an idea about a workaround or solution?

My hardware: Macbook Pro (2010) i7 w/8gb ram, 240gb OWC Mercury Pro SSD, OSX 10.6.6. RME Babyface / Presonus Firebox interfaces.

Cheers and thanks in advance.


Try with the followings features p152(or it could be your wav file being problematic)

Using the Playback Sync, Snap To, and Play From Parameters
The Sync, Snap To, and Play From pop-up menus control various aspects of playback and
synchronization of the audio file.
• Sync pop-up menu: Controls whether playback is synchronized with the concert tempo.
When Sync is off, the audio file plays at its recorded tempo. When Sync is on, the file
plays at the current tempo of the concert.
Note: Only audio files that contain tempo information will play back at the MainStage
concert tempo when Sync is active. If the file contains no tempo information, the Sync
parameter is disabled.
• Snap To pop-up menu: Sets the value to which transport functions-including Play,
Return to Start, Previous Marker, and Next Marker-snap. The active transport function
is delayed until the next bar, beat, or marker is reached, depending on the current Snap
To setting. The Snap To setting always reflects the concert tempo and time signature,
regardless of the Sync setting.
• Off: Transport functions occur immediately, without waiting.
• Beat: Transport functions occur at the start of the next beat.
• Bar: Transport functions occur at the start of the next bar.
• Wait for Marker: Transport functions occur when the next marker is reached.
• Play From pop-up menu: Determines the position from which playback starts.
• Current Position: Playback starts from the current playhead position in the audio file.
This can be especially useful when you are setting up Playback instances in Edit
• Start: Playback starts from the beginning of the audio file.
• Current Marker: Playback starts from the start of the current marker (the marker to
the left of the current position) in the audio file.
• Relative Position: Playback is synced to the MainStage clock, so stopping and starting
playback follows the MainStage clock position. Using Relative Position is similar to
using a mute button.