Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2.2.2 CPU overloads when using 32Bit Bridge


Since updated to Mainstage v.2.2.2 (from v.2.17), I experience CPU overload almost instantly when instantiating a 32bit AU plugin. That problem for a similar plugin in 64bit, does not occur.:confused:
Anyone else experiences the same problem?
Any idea how to resolve or circumvent this issue, besides running Mainstage in 32Bit mode?

Roman Che

Hi !
I have to use MS x64 - but is true - some 32x plug-ins reproduce that CPU peaks. I catch that with SampleTank. ST is 32 bit, but i have some lovely libs on ST, and can't convert samples to EXS24 (no way..)

Try to disable "Send" Bus on Channel Stripe with x32 plugin ? My SampleTanks eats tons of CPU while "Bus" send is enabled. Try to disable it ?

Roman Che

... also some screens:
SampleTank 32 bit - with sends to reverb, ans to delay aux.

Without sends:

Sample Tanks has internal FX - this only way for me.