Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2.2.2 Problem

Hi, I've just updated to Mainstage 2.2.2 and I've encountered some problems.

I use an Akai MPK61 and I've got my mainstage template set up with the drum pads laid out like on the MPK61. I've put text boxes over each pad to make it easier to remember where all the samples are as I use Mainstage/MPK61 with 4 different bands and have to remember lots of tricky cues for each band.
[b]Song 2.1.2[/b]


Now when I open the same sessions in 2.2.2 all my pad labels are not visible, except for the occaisonal bit of white at the edge of the buttons. I've figured out that the text box now sits behind the buttons, and I can't seem to change this.

[b]Song in 2.2.2[/b]


Here is further demonstration of this:
2. Mainstage 2.2.2 text:Buttons

I've considered the "Add hardware Label" option, but its nowhere near as good as what I had - it ends up with messy small buttons with not enough text showing in a rectangle below. Same problems with parameter text.

And it seems like you can't change the text size in the parameter text labels - if you drag the text box larger it just makes the visible text larger without showing all of the text. In fact the larger you drag the text box, the less text is readable.
As you can see from the above image, some of my pad cues are fairly detailed and just wouldn't fit at all with text labels.

The first image is how the session appears in 2.1.2, the other one is 2.2.2. Obviously it totally messes up my sessions. Its a big problem for me but I imagine it would be a fairly easy fix in the next update, unless someone can direct me to the "bring to front" command or another fix?

I couldn't find any real work-around. Hopefully it will get fixed in a future release. Funny how certain users find a feature very useful and others don't use it that way. I may have never run across the feature being removed/broken as I've not used it that way.

Still an amazing program, although obviously with a wart and wrinkle here and there.