Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2 Loops and Samples with Backing tracks?

Robert Wilson

Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up a Mainstage concert and would like to control the playback of loops and samples so that they play in time with the backing track.

So far I've figured out how to trigger loops so that they play in time with each other but not with the backing tracks.

Anyone else figured out how to do this?
OK, I now know that in order for the backing track to sync with the patch, the file has to contain tempo information.

I've had a look through the various options available in L9 when bouncing a project and haven't been able to find anything about including tempo information.

I've tried under:
Options>Tempo>Export Tempo Information to Audio file
but all I get is a second of spinning beach ball and nothing else appears to happen.

Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

I'll ask on the LUG list as well as there still seems to be more activity there....

Use Mainstage's plug-in Playback for the backing track! We did this the other day here and it worked perfectly.
Use Mainstage's plug-in Playback for the backing track!

Thanks for the reply.
I think you misunderstood me - I am using the Playback plug-in but the 'SYNC' button is disabled.
The manual says this will only be enabled for audio files that contain tempo information.

I make my audio backing track files by bouncing my Logic projects (minus vocal & guitar) but have no idea how to include tempo information.
So far I've tried various export and bounce options but no joy.

This is what I'd like help with, if you've any ideas?
I've been playing around with this - it seems that with Logic 9.0.2 and MainStage 2.0.1 I have no problems and can get the tempo info from AIFF files as well......