Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2 + Mobius + FCB1010 question


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what im trying to accomplish in Mainstage 2 with the use of the Mobius plugin being controlled by a FCB1010:

First off, I plan on using the Mobius plugin as a means to loop different phrases coming from both live audio instruments (guitar + analog synth via an audio interface (presonus firestudio) and software instruments within MS2 via a MIDI controller. I have my MIDI controller plugged into a usb port on my MBP and i have the FCB1010 plugged into the MIDI-in on the firestudio.

I have read a lot about the FCB1010 and Mobius and I personally have only had success with controlling Mobius' functions (record, pause, etc) using MIDI note messages via the FCB. However, I run into problems when im using software instrument patches within a MS concert--for the Note On/Off messages being sent to Mobius from the FCB also trigger Note On/Off messages for the software instruments...

So my real question is: Is there a way to get my software instruments to only respond to the Note messages sent by my MIDI controller and ignore those sent by the FCB and to have Note messages sent by the MIDI controller ignored by Mobius and only respond to the FCB? Or perhaps there are CC messages that can be sent by the FCB that knowingly work with Mobius? Any help is much appreciated.
Hi Dakota,

I work around this whole issue by simply setting Mobius to fetch a MIDI In port directly, thus totally side-stepping Mainstage's MIDI In section. For this you have to do two things: (1) in "Mobius/Configuration/MIDI Device Selection" select the MIDI In port where you connect the MIDI out from your MIDI foot pedal board. (2) In Mainstage MIDI In section be sure to NOT use this MIDI In port for any Keyboard object, and also do not select that MIDI In port in Edit Mode under the MIDI Input tab of the Sotware INstrument Channel STrip Inspector of an Instrument Channel Strip.

The way I think works best to add the Mobius AU is to open on an Instrument Channel Strip as an "AU MIDI-controlled Effect" and use it's plug-in window's side-chain slot to fetch an input from a Bus. Then set all inputs to that bus, if they are supposed to be looped. The Bus can go to Main Output if Mobius is set to "Input Monitoring = NO" in its Global Settings.