Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2 Not Hearing my Guitar in Performance Mode


I've launched Mainstage 2 and wanted to perform with Guitar but I cant get any Volume out of my guitar playing through M Audio Fast Track. I see I'm getting signal through the Master Volume and Track but no sound. I saw the "warning" that said you must first adjust Master volume before hearing any sound and that this protects you from blowing your speakers. I've adjusted the Master Volume up and down both in Mainstage and on my DAW but still no output. I've double checked my assignments on MAC Pro to ensure its using my DAW all looks normal. Any ideas what I should be looking for to get output volume out of my mains?

Doug Zangar

Turn them on?? ;)

Seriously though, does your system work with Logic/GarageBand/iTunes for example?

Also check in MainStage audio preferences to make sure it's using the M Audio device. You should also make sure you have the appropriate drive from M Audio for your device.