Logic Studio apps Mainstage 2 - Question about Outputs


Hey guys, I've been setting up a concert that has both guitar effects and a looper, along with some Ultrabeat Drums. I was just wondering how I'd go about routing the output for all of these. I would like my guitar sounds and looping to go through my audio interface to my amp, which I can make happen quite easily, but then I'd like to route the Ultrabeat drums through my laptops built in output. Is there a way I can do this?


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you go to AudioMIDI Setup and create an Aggregate Device with the your ADDA I/O and built in Input/Output.. oh crap. that doesnt work.

well, if you add sound flower, you can send up to..

ok. for some reason i couldn't get it to work with :hippy: Soundflower/Flowerbed :hippy:,
but in trying it worked for me the original way i didn't think it would.

yeah.. so i built an Aggregate Device with GiO and Built-In Output and then when i set MS Prefs Audio Out being the Aggregate Device, i was able to send on Output 1-2 to the Bulit-In and 3-4 to the GiO.