Logic Studio apps MainStage 3.1 released


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MainStage 3.1 includes the following changes. For more information, see http://www.apple.com/logicpro/mainstage.

New Features and Enhancements

* Redesigned Compressor plug-in with scalable, Retina-ready interface and a new compressor model.
* Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices.
* The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu.
* Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments.
* New Auto Sampler plug-in converts hardware synthesizers into sampled instruments.
* Custom shortcuts can be assigned and managed using the new Key Command editor.
* It is now possible to copy and paste ranges in the layer editor.

Per Boysen

Wow, I got to check out that Autosampler plugin!

Checking the page now. Hm... I'm on Mainstage 3.0, do I really paying $29.99 to get 3.1? Oh well, I'll leave it for now and do the upgrade next time I need to auto sample an old synth. :) Only that feature is well worth $29.99

Per Boysen

I have to correct myself: MainStage 3.1 really is a free update for those who have bought 3.0.

I don't know why I can't upgrade but there seems to be an issue with the Apple Store not having registered my 3.0 license; could have something to do with the required extra Apple IDs these days for using iPhone etc; a while back I had to set up a new Apple ID that was email based.

Anyway, I'm looking for a way to register my MainsStage 3.0 license. Can't find that option in the AppStore or my MBPs system pref's. Any suggestions?