Logic Studio apps Mainstage - all playback files loaded into RAM?

Does anyone know if all the playback plugin audio files are loaded into RAM? If they are, am I correct that using the (MacBookPro's) internal HDD would be an ok place to store the files?

(I'm wondering if I need a seperate FW HDD for live playback)

I can split my set up into concerts of say 6 songs each with about 6 stereo playback files of about 4minutes.

If I'm correct, anyone have a feel for how many songs are practical for 4GB of RAM?

Or am I wildly off in my thinking? I've just started on Doug's video tutorials (very impressed so far) so maybe I'll find the answer in there.


They are streamed, but because you probably don't play back dozens of Playback at the same time, it is not an issue. In Logic it is quite common to have 50 tracks with audio files, but in MainStage it is not.

Doug Zangar

mmm42 is right - at least to my understanding - they do stream.

You should get better performance taking them off the system drive, but if it works for it you, it works, right?

Your setup should be fine - let me know if it isn't. Audio just isn't a severe memory pig or CPU hog.

And, glad you're getting something out of the DVD. It doesn't cover everything, and I've earned a thing or two since I completed that...... So please post as needed.