Logic Studio apps Mainstage as a Bass guitar Pedal board


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I'm just getting started in Mainstage, and wish to use it as an effects pedalboard add in. I have a small pedal board, and will insert the signal loop in via a BOSS LS-2. Got a bunch of questions being a newbie...


Using a MacBook Pro 2.66 GHZ core 2 duo, and 8 MB Ram & mainstage 2.13.

I have 2 different Audio input interfaces to the Mac - Presonus Firebox, and an Apogee Jam (will be experimenting what's the best). Is the headphone out good for this purpose on my mac?

Any known gotchas I should look out for?

Also, I'm finding I really don't know how to use Mainstage for setting it up - can someone lead me to a good tutorial? I don't want to add any amp simulation, just effects, and perhaps a looper for playback/play along.

Also, does anyone know why Mainstage seems to be hogging up CPU?
Should I be in 64 bit mode? Logic Pro runs so much smoother/optimal.

Thanks for any links or tips anyone may have!

Doug Zangar

Thanks for the plug, Eli!

chinjazz, the tutorial should help quite a bit. There are 2 key concepts when dealing with MS: First, you map hardware to screen controls, screen controls to any element of a channel strip. Secondly, you have three levels - concert, set and patch. You need to keep in mind what level you're mapping and what each one does.

Additionally, there have been a few updates since the tutorial. Check out this article on Apple's site - it explains the current latency settings and might help out your CPU issues.


And of course, post questions as they come up.

Edit: I see you don't have version 2.2 - my tutorial will be valid for pretty much everything.

Edit again: Re: audio out - the Mac system audio is OK, nothing great. If the will work for your ears, use it. However, you can get noticeably better audio output from a good interface, such as the two you mention.


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Thanks Doug! Am I missing some great improvements being a version behind?
I guess MS isn't bundled with Logic Studio any longer?

Having spent most if my time with logic pro
I'm a slight bit behind the times :).

Doug Zangar

Correct that it's no longer bundled.

It's only $30.00, so the upgrade is not expensive. There are some improvements - one is dealing with quad-core chips, something your laptop doesn't have. There are some fixes, etc.


That said, you could use what you have to get your feet wet and learn the fundamentals of the program. Depending on what you do it could work just fine.