Logic Studio apps Mainstage as startup app opens in 32 bit mode


I have Mainstage set to open at bootup. It is also set to open as a 64 bit app - that is, if I start it up on my own, it opens as a 64 bit app, which is what I want.
THe problem is, when it opens as a startup app, it opens in 32 bit mode. Anyone know how to fix this?

Open you application folder, select Main Stage, option click on it to get info, and uncheck" "open in 32-bit mode".

Some things to note: Logic needs to see all 3d party plug-ins in 32 bit mode before it sees them in 64 bit mode, and be aware that Logic will rescan all your 3d party plug-ins before it opens them in 64 bit mode, spo be sure to scan them BEFORE your gig ;-)
Hi George, and thanks for the response.

The 32 bit box is unchecked. If I open from the dock it opens correctly in 64 bit mode. It is only when it is set to open at bootup as a startup application that it opens in 32 bit mode.
Are you sure you only have 1 copy of Mainstage on your computer? I'd look for a second one. If you don't find one, I guess you have discovered a bug.
Gotta be a bug. Why not just boot up and then launch Mainstage by hand? I know, that is obvious.

Have you told Apple? And are you running the latest version of Mainstage?
Have not reported to Apple, but yes, am running the latest Mainstage. I feel like it might be more of a Lion issue than a Mainstage issue, but who knows?

I am running Mainstage on a mac mini, and while I am bringing around a 7" USB monitor (which is awesome) and a magic pad, the ultimate goal is to simply boot right into Mainstage with no screen, mouse , or querty keyboard.
My Midi controller is able to communicate with Mainstage directly, so that my patch names show up on its screen and I can choose patches from there. Basically making the Mini the world's greatest 1/2 rack space sound module. I power up, it shakes hands with my controller, and is ready to roll.
Successful Workaround!!!!! :

I created a simple applescript that opens Mainstage from the finder, saved it as an app, and set THAT to be my startup app. It works - 64 bit mode every time.
I saw a few when I searched - didn't really take note of the addresses, but for this it wasn't necessary. The record function in the applescript editor sufficed.
I just recorded the actions of opening Mainstage, compiled it, saved it as an app
into the Applications folder, then went to preferences and made that app start at login.
To be honest, this was my first experience with applescript, and it was super easy. I'm a software engineer by day, so I could probably get fluent pretty quickly and do some nifty stuff with with it. As usual though, time is money, and I will probably learn what I need to know when a specific need arises.