Logic Studio apps MainStage as sync slave (not just 4 livelooping)

Per Boysen

Hi everyone,

I'm just interested in hearing about your experiences from running MainStage as the tempo sync slave?

I do that myself on stage and my tempo sync master is the live looping AU plug-in Mobius, hosted on a bus by MainStage. As I record my playing and create the first loop in Mobius the plug-in sends out a MIDI Clock through the OS X IAC and MainStage hooks up to follow the tempo right away. This is just so beautiful and has never crashed on me! Here's a video demonstrating this use of MainStage http://www.perboysen.com/archives/132

One thing though, that I have not been able to make work, without crashing MainStage, is to also host UltraBeat sequence pattern (or iDrum) while tempo sync slaving MainStage in this way. Any hints?


Well, my attempts to use Mainstage as slave to midi clock fails. It get's the tempo right but it's not starting in time (how did you configure start/stop/contintue?) and it's drifting also.
I don't really think it's playing in sync it's merely using the same tempo. That's why it's drifting.

I also tried the Mainstage Plugin "Looper". Same thing it plays the right tempo but it's not really in sync. It's definitely lagging.