Logic Studio apps Mainstage: Controlling effects with keyboard?


Just learning so here's another question. Google didn't help me.

I have a few effect plugins that are supposed to be controlled by midi key messages (not CC).

How do I route these to the effect plugin?
I both tried on an aux track and on an instrument track but I got no clue how to do this.

Can't remember how this is done in Logic either, thinking it would be similar. Or maybe it can't be done?

Peter Ostry

Staff member
For everything you want to control in Mainstage you need a screen object.

  1. In Layout mode make a screen object, in your case a button.
  2. Learn a key from the keyboard for this button.
  3. In Edit mode activate the button and map it to the parameter of your choice.


Actually, that solution won't work in this case since there are no visible controls in the GUI for the keyboard action.

However, I found the answer myself. The kind of thirdparty effectplugins that are designed to work with midi key messages will appear in the plugin menu under the "AU Midi controlled effects" heading.

So one selects it on a software instrument track and use the sidechain (upper right) for audio input.