Logic Studio apps Mainstage crashes on loading and/or closing concert


I'm running Mainstage 2.1.3 on a 2.5GHz iMac with 8GB RAM, Synthogy Ivory II and an RME BabyFace. My concert is 2.2MB and has begun crashing randomly when loading or closing, about every 5th time or so. This is the only concert I'm using that is behaving this way. I've tried trashing the mainstage plist files, enabling virtual memory in the EXS preference (currently using about 30 EXS channel strips), and made sure that I'm not using too much system virtual memory. In addition, the CPU meter stays well below 10%. Memory meter is approaching 40%.

Attached is my most recent crash log. I'd be most grateful for any insights.

Thank you!


Have you tried opening Mainstaige in 64 bit mode? Do a get info (click on the mainstay icon and press command and i) and uncheck the 32 bit mode box. that might do the trick.


I think I solved it...

Hi George,

Thank you for your quick reply! I am running Mainstage in 64-bit mode. I tried exporting each set in the concert and then imported them back into a newly created concert. This has reduced the load and shut down times to nearly non-existent. Of course I'll still need to remap my controllers, but that's a small price to pay. Still using the old files as I'm in the middle of a recording project today and have been working on my MacBook Pro.

Looking forward to trying out this new concert on the rig at my studio later this evening.

Thank you again!