Logic Studio apps Mainstage in Performance Mode

Uwe Rodi

Hi together,
I use MS with a Doepfer LMK 4+ and a Nord Electro 2.
For the NE2 I have an External Instrument Channelstrip to send program changes and to mix the audio from In 3 and 4 to out 1 and 2 of my Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 plus adding some fx from Mainstage.
When I play in edit mode all seem to work properly.
When I change to performance or Full Screen mode, sometimes I can´t hear the organ. The Audio-Interface indicates, that audio signal is send to MS but nothing seem to arrive there.
I have set al patches in patch inspector:
Instantly silence previous patch: activated
Defer Patch Change: deactivated
Someone know that problem?
Greetings Uwe
Never seen anything like that, sorry. My experience so far has been same performance in Edit, Full Screen or Perform.
That said, I'm not using any external instruments.