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Kiwi Kris

Hi there. I am just new to this site and also to MainStage 2.

I'm using it for playback, but my question is how to make the SET stay at the top of the patch list and not seem to default to the middle, when in Perform or Full Screen Mode. I have more than one Set and whenever I change to a different Set it always goes to the middle, which means I'm only viewing 1/2 of the Set I want and 1/2 a previous set.
Thanks in advance.
1. You cannot select a Set, you can only select Patches. A Set is part of the mainstage hierarchy and a container for Patches.

2. In Edit Mode you can arrange the Patches and Sets as you like. Just drag them by mouse.

3. The same hierarchy is displayed by the "Selector" object which you can create in Layout Mode and set it to 1- or 2-column view.
Hi, thanks for replying but I feel we must have got on different tracks.

In the layout mode I have selected the "Full Height Patch List" which I use on my layout in Performance or Full Screen.
I do understand the hierarchy of the Patches etc.
Concert - Set - Patches.
Fro example I name my sets as a particular style.
I then name a patch as my song that I will play (using plug-in playback).
Now on the patch list screen control there are 4 buttons at the bottom 2 up and 2 down.
They are mapped to my foot control and one bank is for sets (Style) and the other is for patches (songs).
When I go to a different style I push the relevant foot control, then do the sames for whichever song I want to select.
This is where my problem comes into play as it is now when the SET always reverts to the middle of the layout control, and I see songs that want to play below where they should be but also songs above from the previous SET that I may have already played.

Thanks Kris
I have an suggestion for you, I do the same on the stage:
1 - Create one SET per SONG.
2 - Into each SET, put the PATCHES that you'll need to use during that song playback.
3 - For each SET created before, insert a Channel Strip (in the SET level) with the PLAYBACK plugin.
* Read how the PLAYBACK plugin works in the MainStage 2 manual here.
4 - Create a button in the layout mode to assign it to the PLAY action of each PLAYBACK plugin at SET level

By this way, if you change the current PATCH (by selecting another PATCH from other SET in perform or fullscreen mode) you move to another song automatically, considering that PLAYBACK can play one AIFF SONG only.