Logic Studio apps MainStage successful live presentation and recording


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Hi friends,

I'd like to share with you my first professional experience with MainStage 2, with live recording and playback. :synnth:
It happened during a wedding ceremony, just with the EXS24 Steinway Studio patch, the Playback plugin and some adjustments to the vocal channel input. It was perfect (except my faults lol)!

You can check out in my YT channel (goo.gl/KR9ox) and Facebook fan page (goo.gl/epQki) all the 5 videos recorded in the church, but for the set above, here follows the link: Ave Maria - Franz Schubert (http://youtu.be/TGW939keLy4?hd=1).

To record this track, I used orchestral presets from Logic, and played with the Playback plugin after mixing and mastering.

I am Fabiano Moraes, a brazillian keyboardist, and my complete stage set: MBP late 2009 (SL 10.6.8, 8Gb RAM, 640 Gb), Alesis MultiMix 8 USB, Roland Cakewalk A800 Pro Controller.

Hope u enjoy it! :)