Logic Pro 9 Make one region like another?


How can I make the velocities or lengths of the notes in one region equal to those with corresponding subpositions in another?

That is, suppose there are 16 notes in each bar of a track. How can I set the velocity of each note of a measure to equal the velocity of the corresponding note in the first measure? By "corresponding note" I mean, "note with equal subposition."

Similarly, for length: can I set each note's length to the length of the note in the first measure that has the same subposition?

(Of course, one could do this using 16 separate "select equal subpositions" operations, followed by a shift-option-drag to set the value of notes corresponding to each of the notes in the first measure sequentially. But is there a way to do it all at once?)


Hi Ken,

Check out groove templates in the manual. Basically, you can make a groove template from your source region. Then when you apply it to your destination region, open the advanced tab in the extended region parameters section (you get this by double clicking in the region parameters section - it's a separate float window that comes up), and you can have the groove template apply (by percentage) to note length and velocity as well simply note on position. Put the length and velocity values in the extended region parameters at 100% and it will do what you are asking for.