Making recorded audio be a consistent volume


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Hey, everyone. I'm new here (actually, I'm new to forums in general), so forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place or if I'm breaking some kind of rule, lol.
I'm recording my fantasy book as an audiobook and plan to release it as a podcast and on YouTube. I've recorded the prologue, but the volume is not consistent throughout the project. Some sentences are too loud, others are too quiet. I could go through and fix each problem individually, but surely, there's a way to set a limit for how loud the project can get, plus how quiet it can go. From the online tutorials I've found, I think the solution may be compression, but when I fiddled around with it, it seemed to make EVERYTHING quieter. I don't want to turn the volume down on the entire prologue. I just want to set a volume LIMIT. Is there a way to do that? Like, if my voice reaches a certain volume, is there a setting that will stop my voice from passing a certain "loudness" threshold?
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Hi there, welcome to the LUG

Are you familiar with dynamic processing - in particular, compression and limiting? Logic provides very capable tools to help sculpt the dynamcis of a recording. If you are not familar with all of this, I suggest you start by applying logic's compressor to your recordings. Try some of the presets, see how you get on with them. It would also make sense to learn about the various ways to make alterations the dynamic/loudness characteristics of audio signals.

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Thanks! No, I am not familiar with dynamics. However, if compression and limiting are what I'm looking for, at least now I know what to read about. :D