Logic Pro 9 Managing drum tracks: a little help or suggestion


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Hello there, I need a little suggestion.
I have about 32 tracks with 8 regions per marker (strofa, solo, etc) for my drums. I have just finished to put them on grid with the flex tool. Now, about the mizing process, what should I do? Should I group 'em all in just 8 tracks and then do all over them, or what else? If you suggest to put them all on the first 8 channel strips, then.. how can I do it with Logic 9?

Thanks in advance! :)


I dont quite understand what are you trying to do.
you can move the tracks up in the arrange by clicking them and moving them up to where you need them, as far as grouping for mixing, select the channels in the mixer and put them into a group. in group options you can select what gets grouped (edit, mix, sends etc...)
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