Logic Pro X Managing many tracks


I am using Logic Pro 10.5. I am having trouble establishing a good workflow when composing in Logic. Especially when trying to orchestrate a motif and chord progression among multiple instruments. It quickly becomes a confusing mess when trying to keep track of the notes distributed among all the instruments.
how do you all handle this? Thanks.


Think about the function of the notes. They're not just a bunch of notes. They have a function.

Is it the melody ? Is it the counterpoint ? Is it call and response ? Is it bass fundament ? Is it accentuation ? Is it chordal background ? Is it long and evolving ? Is it short and poignant ? Etc.

Then, look at your orchestra sections and guess who is good doing what. Then assign what makes the most sense.

Long, soaring melody ? High strings ! Deep, ominous, growling bass ? Low strings or bass trombone(s) ! Counterpoint to string melody ? Woodwinds ! Accentuating a flowing flute line ? Glockenspiel ! Etc.

Once you sort this out, it will all make much more sense.
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