Logic Pro 9 Mapping with NanoKontrol - HELP!


Hi there folks,

I am a singer and use Logic to loop my voice. I arm a track and send off to a series of tracks which have looper plugins. I use a NanoKontrol to map the sends of the armed track, as well as the volume control of the looper tracks and some other things there. It works great just as long as you have the mic tracked hilighted, but the minute I hilight another track the NanoKontrol-mapping no longer works. This poses a problem if, for example, I want to collaborate with another singer or instrumentalist who will be recording on another track. Does anyone have an idea whether this is a limit of Logic, NanoKontrol, or if I simple have something not setup properly?

Many thanks in advance for any information!

- Fredo

Ken Adams


Try this link to Korg's support site where they have a new control surface patch for Logic and Garageband. I haven't tried this yet, but used the older one they had. It worked pretty well for me in a recording/mixing setting. Haven't tried it live. Best of luck!


http://korg.com/SupportResults.aspx?productid=415#ContentTabsContainer Click the download tab and look for "3-5-2010 - Control Surface Plug-in for nanoKONTROL "

Also, direct link to zip file here: http://korg.com/uploads/Download/nanoKONTROL_CSPlugin_101_634033980264890000.zip


thanks so much! Actually, my first stop was to the Korg site, and I called tech support and they told me this is a Logic issue (of course!) and also told me NOT to download that patch because it will just destroy all my manual settings.

I imagine there's some midi setting in Logic that I just dont know about which allows me to hilight other tracks and still have the nano working...

Ken Adams

I called tech support and they told me this is a Logic issue (of course!) and also told me NOT to download that patch because it will just destroy all my manual settings.
Well, I just don't know then. If you're feeling adventurous you could back up your settings and try it. Doesn't sound like your manual settings are working for you, unless you have them for other things...

Also, are you on Logic version 9 or 8? When I tried the patch it was with version 8, and it worked for me. There's a Logic 8 patch lower down in the "download" tab at the korg site.

Good luck!


Hi again!

I'm using Logic 9. So does that mean that I should be able to use these controls when I deselect the track?

Also, how do you backup your settings? I've often wondered! :)

Ken Adams

For me, the nanoKontrol with the Korg patch (Logic 8) worked in banks of 8 tracks and the master fader. It's been a while and my memory ain't what it used to be, but I remember not being concerned about which track was selected. It might be easier to limit your logic tracks to 8 for simplicity, but don't know how your setup/performance needs to be.

Re: backing up settings. I don't want to be responsible for maybe giving you incorrect info, as I'm still working mostly in version 8. So I suggest you search threads here and elsewhere, or perhaps Eli or one of the other Logic Gods here can quickly answer that. But I've had good success backing up my "Logic" folder in the "Application Support" folder in the Library at both the hard drive root and user level, but once again, I disclaim against any problems this may cause you... ;-)




Thanks again, Ken. Here's the thing, I'm not using the Nano in a normal way. For example, I'm using the faders for some sends, not just volume control. Ugh, such a puzzle, this! But once again, I thank you for the info!


You can use the Learn function in Control Surfaces preferences to assign faders and pots to your favorite parameters.

In the Controller Assignments window (command+L), make sure that the Channel Strip pop-up is set to Selected Track. (See attachment) That way, any track selected will respond to the function assigned to the fader, knob, or button on Nano Kontrol.

The downloadable template is set to control volumen, pan, mute/solo in 4 banks of 8. I opted to manually create a custom template that assigned fader 1 of scene one to Logic's Automation Quick Access.

Fader 2 is assigned to volume (with the controller preference assigned to Channel Strip: Selected Track so that the volume fader of any track I select will respond to Fader 2. The same is true of assigning rotary knob 2 To Pan (Channel Strip: Selected Track), etc.

In addition to assigning transport functions to the hardware transport button on NanoKontrol, I assigned Next Track/Previous Track key commands to a set of buttons for both the Arrange window and the Mixer. Yep, ...Selected Track.

I also set up some of the NK controls to the most frequently used MIDI CC#'s. I customized assignments inside the Korg Editor.

Below are some notes I took from an SOS article that might be useful to you.

Nano Kontrol Editor
For virtual organist, invert the values of the Kontrol sliders to operate in the same direction as the drawbars.

Edits do not update the Nano hardware in realtime.
You have to write the data to the hardware before they take effect.
The issue is that the editor can't transfer data to the Nanos while the host DAW is running.

This means you have to save your DAW project, shut down the DAW, write the data to the Nano, the re-open the DAW to hear the results.

MIDI In: Nanokontrol- Sliders/Knobs
MIDI Out: NanoKontrol- CTR

In Logic
Preferences>Control Surfaces>Learn
1. Move a fader or parameter.
2. Hit Learn
3. Move a controller slider, knob, button.
4. Hit Learn again.
5. To make another assignment, repeat #1. and #3., finally hit Learn.

SOS 3-09



Hi there, CSeye, and thanks for the info! Yes, that's exactly how I have been mapping my midi info. I just double checked to make sure I had the right things checked off, and they are all identical! And yet, if I do not have the track hilighted the nano doesn't speak to it. Is there some other midi preference I might be missing?

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I just double checked to make sure I had the right things checked off, and they are all identical! And yet, if I do not have the track hilighted the nano doesn't speak to it.
I assume that you have a working connection between the controller and Logic.

If everything is identical and doesn't work, this implies that there is either a basic failure or everything is wrong. Check the settings in the Controller Assignments panel, in expert mode of course. You may have set the faders to "selected channelstrip" or "fader bank". Both may not work for your application. "Fader Bank" should work if you are in this bank (= within this 8 tracks). You can also set the assignment to a specific channelstrip. Therefore you have to set the number of the strip. But it is an internal "object number" and those are not always in a logical order. You may have to try a lot of numbers to find the right one, depending on the number of your channels, how many you created, changed, removed etc.

Maybe some other settings in the panel are wrong, all in the same way. Try to get one fader working before you start a "mass production". Maybe your Logic learns some nonsense, there may be another controller which adds some events while Logic learns your faders. A device that uses the HUI protocol is a candidate for such an effect for example.

Please post a screenshot of your Controller Assignments with the first one of your faders activated.


Btw, you already found that out but just to add my two cents: Do not use any prefrabricated software or templates for such a job. They are done by programmers who try to guess what you want to do and they guess that you want to mix with a nanoKONTROL. This is (technically and musically) a strange idea but helps many users. For your application you better do all assignments yourself. If you have already a control surface for this device installed, remove it.