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Robert Wilson

Hi folks,

I'm trying to edit my MS concert and want to assign a rotary knob to a plug in on a send bus.
This has worked fine for the first couple of knobs but for some reason one of them doesn't give me access to the mappings tab in Screen Control Inspector.

It's probably best explained with screenshots. The first pic shows mappings tab is available for the top left rotary knob. The second pic shows it is not available for the bottom right knob.

Anyone know where I'm going wrong?



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Brian Stone

MainStage only allows mappings on one level. If you selected Set or Concert level to map a screen control, you'll need to click the "override mapping" checkbox to take control at the patch level.

Try selecting the set (the folder in the patch list) or the concert (the mainstage logo in the patch list) and you'll probably find that the selected screen control is already mapped at one of the higher levels. Set the mapping to NONE at the level its currently mapped at and you'll see a more normal behavior in the Patch level. (no need to override)