Logic Pro 9 Markers Move with Edits in Shuffle L Mode?

Ken Adams

(I'm posting this in the v. 9 forum as well in case someone here knows how to pull this off in 9. Thanks!)

Hi all,

I edit spoken word events recorded in Logic 8 on a regular basis. Why? I've used Logic for years for just about everything and for the most part I'm pretty fast at it, and hard to change. And so far, for various reasons (and a sticky Mackie Onyx legacy interface worry) I'm still on Logic 8.

My question. I like to edit spoken word/dialogue in Shuffle L mode a lot. But I often make markers on the fly as I record an event to mark sneezes, mic bumps, etc. I would love to have these markers shift with my edits. I haven't seen anything in the manual or via searching around here either. Anyone know if this can be done? In either v. 8 or 9?

Thanks folks!!
Hey ken,

This is a avery good question. What about if you opened your global track, showing the marker track, and made sure your markers were selected when you made the cut (or other edit) in the arrange Window. By virtue of the markers actually being selected, they may respond to the shuffle behavior. It's worth a try. I'm not in front of Logic right now and so can't try this, but it _might_ work.
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I thought about that too, and just decided to try it. Seems it will work if you drag region (and selected marker) but not with the shuffle left command. would be a nice feature to lock marker to region.
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So then we have a feature request. I will be eagerly holding my breath that Apple will implement this immediately! Hee hee....

Seriously though, how about a lock markers to region/move markers with region whatever?

Thanks guys for your input.

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I'm not sure if this will help you, but FWIW if you cut time (Edit menu cut/insert) then the markers do move.
Not quite as straightforward as shuffle L editing, but if you made your selection by dragging with the marquee tool, then set locators (which you can do with a keystroke) and then cut time (also a keystroke), it might do what you want.

Roger Jackson
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