Logic Pro 9 Marquee Tool does not appear when in lower half of the track

Humble greetings to the group.

Even when I click the preference General/Editing/ check box "Marquee Tool Click Zones", the Marquee Tool does not appear when I move my cursor to the bottom half of the track. It's killing me.

Yes I can use Command to make the Marquee Tool appear, but it used to work without doing that, and I don't know why it doesn't now.

The only thing I can think of is that I upgraded to 9.1.1?

Anyway, any help would be SO appreciated...



Is it possible that it's a simple matter of vertical zoom resolution? I have 9.1.1 and the multi function pointer tool is working fine. But it only works at a certain zoom height and above. If you're zoomed out too much and the region is too thin, the multi function tool doesn't update in the different zones.
Eli, you are awesome

Fist of all, let me say that I'm honored that you took time to help me with my little problem... I really, really appreciate it, Eli.

Second of all, you are absolutely right. I zoomed in one level and it worked perfectly.

Feeling pretty dumb right about now... But happy!! I guess dumb and happy isn't too bad, right?!

Seriously, Eli, thank you so much. And I'll send a note to Apple about seeing if that feature might be able to work at more zoomed out levels.

Many, many thanks, Eli. And by the way, I subscribe to your videos and they are all outstanding on all levels.



Thanks so much for the props! Glad you are enjoying the videos. And I'm glad there was a simple solution to your problem. If only it were always that easy! :D