Logic Pro 9 Massive 'Fireface800' overload in 'Logic'

Does anyone know what is causing a massive overload, on a regular basis into my monitors through my 'Fireface800'...the overload :mad:has not blown my monitors as yet, but unless I get a solution to this problem I am sure it will blow them...HELP!



System specs?
Read #4 here. http://www.logic-users-group.com/index.php?q=forum-rules-terms-of-use.html
Take a look at what other users have posted about their systems.

There are many experienced Logic users here who are very generous with their time and knowledge.

It does help others help you more efficiently when certain aspects of your set up are indicated.

As it is now, you have a pressing problem and no one here knows:
What Mac model?
Version of OSX?
Version of Logic?
Amount of RAM?
Most currently available drivers installed for your hardware?
Any observable conditions noted before the the "massive overload"?
Fireface Overload

Thanks for the quick response...Macbook Pro, Snow Leopard, Logic 9, 4g, current driver 2.77 installed, No observable conditions before massive overload.


Lots of new and old MBP models. Which one?

Apple Menu (top far left)>About This Mac>More Information> look at the attachment... specifically Model Identifier ( I have an older MacBook Pro6,2)

What is you I/O buffer setting in Logic preferences>Audio>Devices???
Small I/0 for tracking, large buffer when mixing with lots of plug-ins.
Does the overload occur with a small vs large I/O?

The next thing to do is quit Logic, turn off your monitors, then turn off your interface.

In the AudioMIDI Utility, select the Built-in Output. Open Logic, then in Preferences, select the Built-in Output option.

Play some heavy mixes. Any problems?

If not, then enter the following into the search engine of your choice: your specific MBP model, Presonus Fireface 800, firewire overload.

See what comes up.



You're welcome.

Do post your results for the benefit of others who may a similar system and set up as yours.