Logic Pro 9 MASSIVE Volume Output

Help needed again...anyone got any answers for me?...ps: I have posted this thread before, but cannot find a solution. I have updated my factory ware for my 'Fireface800' interface, I am using Logic9...when I load a song/arrangement I have to make sure the stereo output on Logic is at least Minus 25db...to have a SAFE working volume. It WILL blow my Dynaudio monitors if I cannot get this problem sorted!!! I have not got a clue as to what is causing this problem...so any help again would be much appreciated.:brkwl:
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The "problem" is the level between your dynaudio speakers and your Fireface 800.

A Few Questions:
1) what output cables are you using between the interface and speakers?
2) Do you have the dynaudio monitors turned up (you can do level adjustments with them, just can't remember where)?
3) In the hammerfall DSP mixer, what are your output levels set at. You can actually accidentally add gain there, OR in this case, you could use these levels to turn down the levels between your audio card and monitors.
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Hello George...the only level adjustment on the 1) Dynaudio's is a -4db or +10db, neddless to say I do have the -4db in operation 2) Connecting cables are Balanced line cables. 3) I do not know where or what the Hammerfall mixer is I do all my mixing on the mixer page in Logic...if the Logic mixer is the 'Hammerfall' mixer, please excuse my ignorance I am a songwriter trying to catch up with Mac technology...thanks George. Richard.
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The Fireface added a pice of software that allows it to do some pretty cool things. One is that you have control over all or output elves, as well as some internal digital sub mixing.

Look for something called "Total Mix". It usually gets installed with the audio drivers for the RME stuff. Or check out the manual for more info. That will allow you to turn things down. In other words, there HAS to be another place for you to change volume, a master output adjustment.
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Thank's George...that sounds like it really could be the problem, because I am not totally au,faix with the 'Fireface' I can see how it has taken control and the levels here need to be closely looked at! Once again George thank you so much my friend. Richard.
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