Legacy Apps Mastering and Burning Alternative to Waveburner


There have been threads about this since Waveburner stopped being updated but what alternatives did people end up with.
I am still using Waveburner but the end is closing in. I'm not after the cheapest alternative. More the best.
On the other hand I have a lot of the best plugins in AU versions so I'm not after a dedicated suite either (I think). Just something like a 24bit updated Waveburner.

All the Best
BTW with 24bit I mean a software that can load 24bit files and include a good dithering algorithm. Waveburner changes depth when importing them. I would like, if possible, to be able to stay in 24bit as long as possible.

Also 64bit plugin support of course.
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I have Steinberg's Wavelab. It might in some ways be overkill in terms of replacing Waveburner, but it is a very impressive application, and may indeed fullfill your criteria for the best instead of the cheapest. It supports 64 bit Plugins, albeit in VST format, along with a huge list of features, allows surround authoring etc. etc.


kind regards

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I knew of that one :)
I worry if this is a product that is still for sale in a couple of years. I have no doubts that the products is great but do they make enough money from it to keep it updated. I'm not sure and being priced almost 10 times higher than some of the competition it seems to face quite stiff competition.
On the other hand it could very well have been a program that I already had in which case I would have kept using it.
Thanks for the reply. I will certainly keep it in mind.
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DSP-Quattro. There was a discount for Logic users at some point. Anyway, it does what it says on the box and is not expensive. Support is very good. A new 64 bit version is in the works, although I'm not sure there is any need to go 64 bit on a mastering and burning app.
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