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When starting to master a project, I basically use Channel EQ, Multipressor, and Adaptive Limiter. My question is this; when I start the process, should I have all 3 on as I am EQing the stereo track, or just EQ, then add compression and limiting after I like my EQ base?

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I prefer going back an fourth because the master plugins depend on each other and also because the mixing of tracks depend on the master channel settings. Plus the good sobering psychological effect of listening to the material through different "looking glasses". Mixing is not just about finding a specific sound for the master output, it is to a great deal about gluing all the tracks together in a way that they dynamically work together in a nice way; i.e. designing the optimal relations between tracks. Such "relations" can be easier to monitor if going back and fourth between listening in a mastering context and not.
I always have a Limiter on in my Master Out so that I don't get clipping whenever...

when mastering I use a metering plugin, and start with Eq and then work my way down the insert line :)

1. EQ
2. Slight Compression with gain boost
3. Vintage saturation
4. Limiter
5. Stereo Widener


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but if you are mastering a project in the same listening environment that you mixed it in you are really only optimising levels and matching eq profiles from track to track. That is not mastering but merely optimising. To master for the best result you need to do it in ideally a very neutral and accurate room with someone who is experienced in mastering. Otherwise you are mostly just attempting to correct for things you cant really hear....
If you are going to limit yourself (see what I did there?) to Logic's built-ins, at least use Linear EQ instead of Channel EQ.

And for some fun, if you have another mastered song that you want yours to sound similar to, fire up Match EQ and watch a YouTube tutorial or two about it.

Either way, the frequency profile may indeed change post-compression and limiting, so you may need to touch up the EQ here and there. But these are tiny tweaks. Don't worry, you won't end up in an endless feedback loop like an android, unless you really are from the future. Is it humid there?


Also, the limiter should be the last thing in the chain. Don't forget to dither.

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