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Hello -

Is there a way to master with the same plugins and settings for each track?

Of course, I can copy the plugins between all the channel strips for the respective tracks. However, this means that any time I change a setting in any plugin, I have to manually change that same setting in the plugin in every track.

Ideally, these plugins should be on the output Aux set as the output of all tracks, and then I could just export or bounce all the regions (1 region per track) with a single command, each utilizing the same plugins in the Master Aux. Note that the regions are of different lengths.

However, all of the Bounce and Export command variations do not seem to give the desired result. They typically only create a file without the Aux mastering plugins.

Failing this, I will either:
- Master the entire album as a single merged file, then cut up this file into separate track files
- the tedious route of adjusting the plugins on all tracks manually
- using the plugins on the Aux as desired, but successively soloing each track, setting the cycle start and end to the track's region, and Bounce Project

Was hoping for a more efficient way, though. Any advice appreciated.

Thank you.

Pete Thomas

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Bouncing via the output will do what you want.

The start and end of the bounce can be defined either by a cycle region or by selecting audio region/s.

So provided all your tracks either go through an aux with your plugins on the way to the output or the plugins are on the output itself, then each track will be effected by those plugins

You can either:

  • Have each audio region on its own track, and then bounce with that track soloed
  • Have all audio regions on one track, and then (with no active cycle) select them one by one for the bounce.

Note that if you are using a region selection rather than manually defined start and end or via a cycle, then if you have any kind of reverb as a plugin on the out then the reverb tail may get truncated as the bounce stops right at the end of the audio region. (Alternatively you can leave some silence at the end when you mix each track)
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